April 4, 2012

Q&A: Dae'Quan Scott Talks Spring Practice

Rivals.com had a chance to have a question-and-answer session with JMU running back Dae'Quan Scott, a rising redshirt junior. Scott, who ran for 1,241 yards and 12 touchdowns last year, is practicing with the no-contact red jersey after having shoulder surgery in the off-season.

How has spring football gone for you so far?

It's going good. I can't do too much because I've got the red jersey on [after] I had shoulder surgery. But other than that, it's going good.

When will you have all your strength back?

It'll wait until summer until I have all my strength back. We're not in a rush right now for me to get back.

What are you doing for rehab, and how long will it be until you get back?

Well right now my rehab is just getting it stretched, and I lift, so that's basically my rehab. So I don't go nowhere to get all my stuff back, but I just lift to get strength back.

How long will it take before you can go 100 percent?

I'm not going to be back before the end of spring ball, but the beginning of camp I'll be ready to go.

Is there anything you'll have to do over the summer to make sure you're ready?

I'm staying here all summer, so I'll be here all summer, and that will help me get my strength back.

What was the surgery for?

I had a ligament issue.

How much was it bothering you last season?

It kept coming out of place - almost every game it would come out of place, and I just played with it - and then I found out it was my labrum that was torn.

Was there any discussion of getting the surgery done during the season?

No, I could play through it. I had a brace on during the season, so I could just play through that.

Was it painful to play through?

When it came out, it was painful. But I don't think about it.

Would they pop your shoulder back in during the game?

They'd pop it back in, but I wouldn't go back in the game.

How often that happen?

It happened in the ODU game and it happened in the Richmond game. It first happened in the first game, but it didn't come all the way out - it [partially dislocated] and came back in. But I still played that game.

Coaches are talking about passing the ball more this year. What do you think about that?

It's fine with me. Justin [Thorpe] is looking good out there [at quarterback], and our wide receivers, we've got a lot of wide receivers that can catch and are pretty fast, so that's fine with me. The better we throw the ball, it'll open up the run.

How's the offensive line looking?

It's looking good, but my cousin A.J. [Scott], he's hurt right now, so he hasn't been playing. We have a couple other linemen out right now, but we're looking forward to them getting back out.

When guys are hurt for spring practice, how do you look at that? Do you see that as opportunities for others?

They've got to. We've got to move on. This is college, this is not high school no more, so we've got to move on. If I'm hurt, then yeah, it's for the next person to step in and do their thing.

Do you think it will take some time once you get into fall camp to catch up, or are you keeping up to speed in the red jersey?

I'm getting mental reps every play, so I'll be fine when I get back. I know all the plays, so I'll be fine.

Do you have any goals as far as yards this year?

Just to better than last year. I had 1,000-plus yards last year, so to get to 1,500 yards, that's a pretty good year. So, 1,500-plus, that'd be a good year. But if we win our national championship, I won't care how many yards I have.

What do you think of the depth behind you at running back?

We've got Jordan [Anderson] coming back - we've got every running back coming back, so I have no doubt that they can do the job. Even our young guys who have come in and played during spring ball, I feel like they can come in and make some noise there.

With Justin Thorpe having a full spring ball and a full training camp, how much do you think that can benefit him?

That'll help him a lot. He's staying over here this summer, and most of our receivers will be here over the summer. So it will just be good for him; he'll get the timing down with everybody.

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